The Untold Truth Of Marco's Pizza. Serving Size Build a pizza. 2 photos. Served with ranch (220 cal), or signature pizza sauce (30 cal) As someone whos made and enjoyed hundreds (if not thousands) of pizzas, Im familiar with this dishs ingredients and variations. A quick note, thoughInstead of calculating via serving size, we decided to list nutrition information via single slice. $7.99, French Bread smothered with garlic butter and toasted to perfection Daily Goals How does this food fit into your daily goals? *Marco's Pizza is the fastest-growing pizza brand based on year-over-year unit growth and the 5th largest pizza brand in systemwide sales, according to the 2021 NRN Top . 17. Crispy Thin Crust Deluxe Pizza. Generally, a frozen pepperoni pizza slice contains fewer pepperoni slices than a fresh pie ordered at a restaurant or delivered from a chain like Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza. (90 cal per stick) Peratusan adalah berdasarkan kepada diet 2000 kalori sehari. Crispy Thin Crust, Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza (Large) 1 slice, 1/8 pizza. Well this ones for you! **Mango Habanero** - Tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce, the perfect combination (820 cal) So, if youre determined to keep your caloric intake low while still enjoying a pepperoni pizza slice, you may want to request light cheese. Make pizza dreams come true with exclusive offers. 2 Servings. Limited time only. background-color: transparent!important; [CDATA[/* >