6 Highlights from NDI® Central Live at NAB 2018

Production Bot co-founder Corey Behnke had the opportunity to sit down with Newtek's Rex Olson on NDI® Central Live at NAB 2018.

Check out the full interview below:

In this chat, Corey and Rex spoke about the benefits of Production Bot in the field, as well as its compatibility with preexisting systems. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Portability
    • Want to protect your central hardware by carrying it on a plane instead of checking it? Production Bot comes with a rolling case, ready to roll through any airport and fit in the overhead compartment. Never worry about airlines losing your equipment again!
  2. Open Platform Concept
    • Want to edit or render high intensity graphics on the go? How about a portable DIT station? Production Bot is there for you! Built on an Open Windows Platform, you can install any software, from BlackMagic Design's Davinci Resolve, to Adobe's Creative Cloud. The only limit to what Production Bot can do is your imagination.
  3. Globally Certified
    • When purchasing hardware, you want to make sure that it has been manufactured properly and will be reliable in a live environment. Production Bot has been through the ringer and back, and is ready to keep up with your production needs.
  4. vMix Call
    • One of the benefits of preinstalled vMix software is their powerful vMix Call. With vMix Call, you can easily connect with any virtual correspondant and bring them into your live production without any complicated hardware.
  5. Production "Swiss Army Knife"
    • Already have a switcher? Production Bot can work in any point of the production workflow, operating as a graphics engine, or an encoder. No need for specialized equipment when Poduction Bot can back up any position in the control room.
  6. Make it Easy with Xbox Controllers
    • Teach anybody how to operate a PTZ camera using preset shortcuts on an Xbox Controller.